Visited conference ICSoft 2019

Paper: Knowledge hubs in competence analytics


There is a lack of consensus on the usefulness of Human Resource (HR) analytics to achieve better business results. The authors suggest this is due to lack of empirical evidence demonstrating how the use of data in the HR field makes a positive impact on performance, due to the detachment of the HR function from accessible data, and due to the typically poor IT infrastructure in place. We provide an in-depth case study of Strategic Competence analytics, as an important part of HR analytics, in a large multinational company, labelled ABC, which potentially shows two important contributions. First, we contribute to HR analytics literature by providing a data-driven competency model to improve the recruitment and selection process. This is used by the organization to search more effectively for talents in their knowledge networks. Second, we further develop a model for data-driven competence analytics, thus also contributing to the information systems literature, in developing specialized analytics for HR, and by finding appropriate forms of computerized network analysis for identifying and analyzing knowledge hubs. Overall, our approach, shows how internal and external data triangulation and better IT integration makes a difference for the recruitment and selection process. We conclude by discussing our model’s implications for future research and practical implications